Giving the names on the bottles greater meaning.


The Bottles

As an addendum to #SaytheirNames hashtag, Coke puts the names of the black victims of police brutality on their bottles. All of the profits will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now when you Share a Coke, you Share their Names.

STN Print.jpg

Look Up America

A twist on the original 1974 Look Up America Commercial that looks at this country through the eyes of Black American.

A Note from Me

Police brutality is an issue that affects me deeply. I watched the unfolding of #BlackLivesMatter from the front row, as an active twitter user with a predominantly POC timeline. And although I am a black woman, myself, and have every reason to express my feelings about this issue, I struggled to speak up about it on twitter.


But each tragic hashtag reminds me that despite my education, status, accolades, and privilege, so long as I’m in America, I will always be a victim of the color of my skin. That I will always have be cautious of the fearful white cop.


I would not wish this feeling upon anyone who need not experience it. But what I do want is for the people who are going through mundane experiences, like buying a soda at the store, to realize that their comfort is a luxury. I want to remind them that the racism so deeply rooted in this country still affects people doing daily activities like this one.


I made this campaign to remind people of the dangerous consequences of racial discrimination, to honor the lives lost as a result of it, and to empower everyone to do something about it.


We should not be complicit.